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Cultivated B in Canada

The Cultivated B Canada (TCB CAN) is a subsidiary of the German-based company, focusing on scalable alternative protein production and cellular agriculture technologies.

We work closely together with economic and governmental institutions of the Canadian cellular agriculture landscape. Our goal is to enable future protein markets through development and utilization of high-quality bioengineering technologies.

TCB is running its R&D center in Germany and manufacturing facility in Canada to drive forward economic development.

TCB Global

What we focus on in Canada

The Cultivated B is located in Burlington, Ontario. Our manufacturing facility hosts TCB’s subsidiaries for the production of bioreactors (The Cultivated B Canada), development of alternative proteins (PreFer Industries) as well as our Innovation Hub, in collaboration with Ontario Genomics under one roof. By combining access to lab infrastructure and production of the required technology we wish to drive forward economic development in the field of cellular agriculture:


We have invested massively into the systematic analysis of bioreactors to identify the requirements of food, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Our investigation identified both common needs and critical differences. Standardizing as much as possible but also integrating specific elements for individual needs allows us to accurately serve our customers.

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Innovation Hub

In collaboration with Ontario Genomics and NPC, TCB CAN dedicates a 25,000-square-foot space to growing an innovation hub for the cellular agriculture ecosystem with access to external parties. This is a great extension for academic institutes, start-ups, small and medium businesses to accelerate their research towards scalable testing and product development.

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News and press releases

German delegation visits TCB facility in Burlington, Ontario

This week, our CEO, Dr. Hamid Noori, had the privilege of hosting a delegation led by Sabine Sparwasser, Germany’s ambassador to Canada, Kristina Thony, Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Toronto, and Yvonne Denz, CEO and president of German Chambers of Commerce Abroad (AHK), at our state-of-the-art facility in Burlington, Ontario.

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The Cultivated B Initiated Pre-Submission Process towards EFSA Certification for Cultivated Sausage 

The Cultivated B (TCB) began discussions with the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and officially entered the pre-submission process for novel food approval of a novel or non-farmed sausage product. Subsequent to the official submission, TCB will emerge as world’s first biotech company to apply for EFSA certification for cultivated meat. This is a pivotal first step in the evolution of the cultivated meat market and establishes a viable path towards large-scale commercial production.

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