From lab to product to usage

From lab to product to usage …

Together with our strategic partner Ontario Genomics, a Canadian non-profit organization, we have developed a one-of-a-kind innovation hub. A dedicated 25,000-square-foot space within our facility will provide clients, including small and mid-size cellular agriculture and other biotech companies with access to laboratory space, bioreactors and, if needed, mentorship, to test and scale up their products.

Our objective? Accelerate research and development around scalable fermented and cultivated products, including much needed foods, ingredients and other products. With a focus on scalability and sustainability, one outstanding feature of the hub will be the world’s first bioreactor with a volume of 25,000L.

Learn. Connect. Network.

Institutions and partners of our innovation hub

Become part of the program and benefit from:

Access to lab infrastructure

Get three months of free access to our innovation hub infrastructure and benefit from state-of-the-art lab equipment and seed train bioreactors for an affordable usage fee.

Advice & knowledge sharing

Benefit from free support in process design & optimization as well as troubleshooting on scientific expertise. Based on your needs, you have the opportunity to book our help with the set-up of your own lab infrastructure or industrial scale up support.

Extended payment terms

We offer flexible payment models on all products you purchase from us. Benefit from 45-day terms of payment to optimize your personal working cash flow distribution.

Strong partnership

We know that strong partnerships are the essence for a young company in the build up phase. We have the capacity to follow your journey from concept and design phase up until your supplier of choice.

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